Let’s Shake!

If you are customizing your order, please specify your seat belt or bowl color, in the email box below. 

Seat belt colors: light blue, royal blue, pink, red, black, orange, purple, and green.

Collapsible bowl colors: black, blue, white, pink, orange, yellow, and red.

*Please note: while we will make every attempt to meet your request, colors may be limited to stock on hand.

Thank you and happy travels!

Who are WE?

WE are animal lovers. WE believe that our dogs are our family. WE take our dogs on vacation whenever possible and we know that YOU feel the same way. 


Our cats


Traveling with your furry kids has never been easier!

The Ruff el Bag was created by animal lovers who prefer to travel with their fur kids! Through extensive research, and many of our own travel adventures, we came up with a travel bag that we think will meet all of your needs.

Whether you are going for a short hike, road trip or just an overnight-er, this is the travel bag for you!

Dogs in car

Alleviate some of that travel stress and do what you are supposed to do...have fun and make memories

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