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Contact information - Keep it Current

This is something easily overlooked but can make a huge difference if your pet gets lost. If the contact information on his or her dog tag is not correct, it can delay your pups rescue, or may inhibit it completely. If you leave your dog with someone, have their own contact info on a tag, not yours. If you are on vacation in Europe or somewhere without cell service, and your dog gets out, the person who finds your dog may not be able to get in touch with you.

We experienced this first hand while coming back from Lake Tahoe. We were on highway 50 (very busy highway) when this big white dog ran down the mountain and started crossing the highway. My wife and I jumped out of the truck, stopped traffic, and I secured the dog. On his dog tag, there were two phone numbers. When I called them, one message said “this person has not set up their voicemail yet,” and the other said, “this person is not accepting calls.” Not helpful. Luckily, I heard someone yelling on the mountain that they would be coming down and to please wait. A guy came down and was very appreciative that we had saved the dog. When I asked him about the phone numbers, he said the owner was in Europe. Not helpful. At least the story had a happy ending, so please remember to double check your dog’s tags…now…while you are thinking about it.

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